I love receiving gifts!






Shoes/heels: US 9 or EUR 40.5

Bra: 36DD

Panties: Medium

Lingerie: Medium or Large (big boobs)

Dress: Medium/Large or size 8

I also love jewelry, perfume, gift cards, makeup and hair stuff, etc. I appreciate gifts so much and I love thinking of you when I use them.

I often fly Southwest when I'm traveling so Southwest gift cards are another great option. Use my email for the recipient email: xoxo.madison.montgomery@protonmail.com


Yes I do! If I have the items you request, I am happy to wear them for our time together. If I don't have the items you request, I will wear them if you bring them to our appointment. Otherwise, I usually wear a dress with black lingerie and stiletto heels.

No, my donations reflect the companionship I offer and my rates are NEVER negotiable. If you try to negotiate or haggle, I will have to decline meeting you. If you book an appointment with me and cannot stay the full time, I will not be offended if you leave early, however the donation applies to the time you booked.